Retrouvez ici les épisodes de mes deux podcasts : C’est Pas Commun ! une émission mensuelle en français dédiée au community art et #DoItDifferent un podcast en anglais dans lequel j’interviewe des leaders du secteur culturel

C’est Pas Commun !

Une émission mensuelle sur le community art et ses nombreuses déclinaisons :
art engagé, citoyen, participatif, activiste, urbain, social.
« L’art pour l’art » ce n’est pas pour eux :
entretiens et découvertes de community artists européens
pour une plongée dans ces pratiques en renaissance.


#DoItDifferent est un podcast anglophone dans lequel
j’interviewe des artistes et des professionnels du secteur culturel
sur leurs parcours professionnel, leurs échecs les plus réussis
et ce qu’ils ont appris de ces expériences.

#9 Recruiting, nurturing and elevating a team of talents with Patrick Gyger from Lieu Unique and Platorm 10 #Doitdifferent

After serving as the Director of the Lieu Unique — a multidisciplinary cultural center in Nantes, France — for ten years, Patrick Gyger has recently been appointed as the first Director of the brand new Platform 10 Foundation in Lausanne Switzerland. In this episode, we talked extensively about the importance of recruiting and nurturing a great team, we discussed how to deal with conflict within art institutions taking stances on political and/or societal issues and we chatted about sharing power as a leader and ensuring you surround yourself with people who are stronger and better than you. This podcast is brought to you by Communicating the Arts, a global network of cultural leaders who gather 3 times a year in Europe, North America and the Pacific. You can tweet at us using the #DoItDifferent or the #CommunicatingtheArts. This show is hosted and produced by Alexia Jacques-Casanova for Communicating the Arts, it is mixed and edited by Kevin Kelly who also wrote and performed our theme song.
  1. #9 Recruiting, nurturing and elevating a team of talents with Patrick Gyger from Lieu Unique and Platorm 10
  2. #8 Building Creative Online Programs with Local Talents for Global Outreach with Miranda Carroll from the Art Gallery New South Wales
  3. #7 Accessible and tailor-made digital experiences with Ciprian Melian from Livdeo
  4. #6 Bulding the inclusive, imaginative and caring museum with Esme Ward, Director of the Manchester Museum, UK
  5. #5 Tackling Inequity in Education and Culture with Janeen Bryant, community engagement specialist and Director of Operations at CREED
  6. #4 Better systems lead to more creativity — with Atiba Edwards, Executive Vice President and COO at Brooklyn Children’s Museum
  7. #3 Learning the language of Inclusion — with James Brandon Diversity and Inclusion manager at Tate
  8. #2 Permission to linger with art — with Raquel Meseguer, dance and theatre maker
  9. #1 – Strategy is about imagining the future – Guest Charles Clapshaw, artist performer